Service Finder

Easily find the right service provider for your needs.

Just request a service, get quotes from nearby businesses, accept a quote, then rate your experience with the service provided afterwards.

What is Service Finder?

Well, the name says it all! It's for finding the right service provider for your needs. From a business perspective, it's an app for easily connecting to customers, with minimal cost.

How does it work?

User submits a request

A user that needs some assistance (from a handyman, mechanic, caterer, etc) submits a short request form. He/she then waits for businesses to send quotes.

Businesses send quotes

Nearby small businesses and contractors are notified of the request, and they each send a quote to the user. They can also ask the user for more details.

User chooses a quote

The user reviews the quotes, then picks the most appropriate one. The business that sent the quote is notified, and they're both presented with their service contract.

Businesses will love it!
Easy to find customers!

As a small business owner or contractor using Service Finder, you don't have to go hunting for customers. They will find you! It's a very inexpensive way of getting customers and growing your business.

Easy to use
Just submit, then wait!

No need to browse through business directories or websites, or contact different businesses for quotes, and so on. Just send the request, and quotes will come flying in from small businesses & contractors for you to choose from!

Download it now

Currently available in US, Canada, UK, India and Australia. It will be available in other countries soon!